The Enhanced-Diversification Growth Fund from Standard Life Investments aims to connect clients to equity-like returns with only two-thirds of equity risk1. Developed by our renowned2 multi-asset team, the fund:

  • demonstrates superior diversification to limit volatility
  • has delivered superior risk-adjusted performance
  • utilises a broad array of proven investment strategies
  • is designed as a core component for DC investors over a lifetime.

Fund Literature

Enhanced-Diversified Growth Fund


Global Absolute Return Strategies


Investment insight

Value for money

The UK recently introduced regulation that requires DC pension schemes to deliver ‘value for money’ (VFM) for its members. While there is no statutory definition of what constitutes VFM or how to measure it and no similar regulation in Ireland presently, the attached paper proposes a framework for assessing VFM in an investment context that can be readily used by DC schemes. Read more


1.Over the market cycle, typically 5-7 years.

2. Pensions Expert PIPA 2016, ‘Multi-asset Funds (including DGFs)’; Professional Pensions Awards 2013 and 2015: DC Investment Provider of the Year; The FT Pension and Investment Provider Awards 2014 and 2015: Diversified Growth Funds Winner; Professional Pensions UK Pensions Awards 2013 and 2014: Multi-asset Manager of the Year; Financial News 2014 Awards for Excellence: Winner of the Multi-Asset Manager Award.