The funds listed below are all passively managed.

Passive Funds

Fund   Price Daily Change Updated
SL Vanguard 20+ Year Euro Treasury Index Fund Latest factsheet unavailable 145.3c up 1.00c 0.69% 29/05/2017
SL Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund Download latest factsheet 203.2c up 0.20c 0.10% 29/05/2017


About the prices

The price shown is the price at which units in each of the funds are both bought and sold on 29/05/2017. The prices on this page are guides only for the date shown and may be rounded. The prices used for a transaction will depend on the date and the time of your request. The exact price used in a transaction may vary from the price shown here. For more information on the actual unit prices that will be used when a transaction is carried out, please contact us.