Standard Life Investments

Standard Life Investments is a leading asset manager with an expanding global presence. As a major player in the DC pensions arena, our products include a broad range of pension solutions, which we have designed specifically to meet the ongoing needs of our clients.

Our DC solutions benefit from our long investment experience in the UK, where Standard Life Investments is regarded as one of the foremost asset managers. Our commitment to DC pensions innovation and our competencies in multi-asset and DC have earned us recognition as DC Investment Provider of the Year 2013 (Professional Pensions Awards 2013).

In particular, we have devoted extensive resource to developing multi-asset strategies. We believe our diversified multi-asset approach has clear and demonstrable merits in navigating market uncertainty and lowering volatility. Specifically, our multi-asset DC investment solutions are designed to deliver enhanced and more predictable member retirement outcomes.

Our investment solutions are backed by our distinctive Focus on Change investment philosophy, disciplined risk management and shared commitment to a culture of excellence. Our investment process emphasises rigorous research and a strong collaborative ethos. Additionally, it is underpinned by our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. We constantly strive to anticipate market change, in order to deliver the best rewards for our clients.

Investment Insight

Value for money

The UK recently introduced regulation that requires DC pension schemes to deliver ‘value for money’ (VFM) for its members. While there is no statutory definition of what constitutes VFM or how to measure it and no similar regulation in Ireland presently, the attached paper proposes a framework for assessing VFM in an investment context that can be readily used by DC schemes. Read more


1.Over the market cycle, typically 5-7 years.

2. Pensions Expert PIPA 2016, 'Multi-asset Funds (including DGFs)'; Professional Pensions Awards 2013 and 2015: DC Investment Provider of the Year; The FT Pension and Investment Provider Awards 2014 and 2015: Diversified Growth Funds Winner; Professional Pensions UK Pensions Awards 2013 and 2014: Multi-asset Manager of the Year; Financial News 2014 Awards for Excellence: Winner of the Multi-Asset Manager Award.

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