Standard Life Investments


With so much uncertainty, now more than ever, investors require solutions that are focused specifically on their outcomes. With £64.4 billion* invested in multi-asset and a track record of delivering long-term, risk-adjusted return, Standard Life Investments offers a breadth of solutions designed to achieve a range of key outcomes:

  • Consistent absolute returns
  • Reduced volatility growth
  • Risk-targeted returns
  • Liability Aware

Our multi-asset solutions include:

  • absolute return strategies that aim to deliver positive annualised returns regardless of market direction
  • enhanced-diversification strategies that seek to generate equity-like returns over the medium term with less volatility than investing only in equities
  • risk-based portfolios that are tailored to provide investors with an investment based on their preferred investment style and tolerance to risk
  • traditional balanced portfolios that spread investment across a range of different asset classes
  • liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies that aim to provide sufficient assets to meet all current and future liabilities.

Successfully managing a variety of multi-asset portfolios demands an exceptionally broad and skilled investment capability. We have extensive experience and diversity of talent across all global asset classes – including equities, fixed income, real estate, money markets and private equity.

To construct our multi-asset portfolios we have built a team of over 35 skilled and talented professionals, pooling expertise across a range of disciplines, including economics, risk management and multi-asset portfolio management. These specialists also draw on the insights of our global asset class teams, benefiting from the collective skills of hundreds of investment professionals within Standard Life Investments.

In addition, we have extensive experience managing multi-asset portfolios, with a proven multi-asset investment process and effective risk infrastructure. For example, in 2005 we developed our flagship absolute return portfolio as part of a multi-asset solution aimed at addressing the deficit within the staff pension scheme of our parent company, Standard Life Group. This proved so successful that we subsequently made it available to external investors.