Standard Life Investments


We actively manage all the funds you’ll find listed below..

Series 2 Active Funds
Fund name InfoPriceDaily changeUpdated
Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies FundFactsheet104.0c Down-0.10c -0.10% 22/02/2018
Cash FundFactsheet592.9c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
Euro Corporate Bond Fund193.4c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
Euro Global Liquidity FundFactsheet99.0c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
European Equity Fund652.1c Up1.30c 0.20% 22/02/2018
Eurozone Government Bond FundFactsheet4080.9c Up3.40c 0.08% 22/02/2018
Global Absolute Return Strategies FundFactsheet160.6c Down-0.30c -0.19% 22/02/2018
Global Equity FundFactsheet5022.3c Down-15.30c -0.30% 22/02/2018
Global Inflation Linked Bond Fund147.2c Up0.10c 0.07% 22/02/2018
International Stockmarkets Fund1024.9c Down-2.40c -0.23% 22/02/2018
Japanese Equity Fund283.2c Down-3.30c -1.15% 22/02/2018
Managed FundFactsheet5413.6c Down-7.90c -0.15% 22/02/2018
North American Equity Fund575.4c Down-2.80c -0.48% 22/02/2018
Pacific Basin Equity Fund459.4c Up4.70c 1.03% 22/02/2018
Pan European Smaller Companies Fund289.3c Up1.50c 0.52% 22/02/2018
Property FundFactsheet3163.8c Down-0.30c -0.01% 22/02/2018
Standard Life Enhanced Diversification Growth107.1c Down-0.40c -0.37% 22/02/2018
Standard Life Global REIT FundFactsheet89.1c Up0.16c 0.19% 22/02/2018
UK Equity Fund494.1c Down-0.60c -0.12% 22/02/2018
Series 4 Active Funds
Fund name InfoPriceDaily changeUpdated
Cash Fund159.6c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
Eurozone Government Bond Fund333.8c Up0.30c 0.09% 22/02/2018
International Stockmarkets Fund279.3c Down-0.70c -0.25% 22/02/2018
Managed Fund290.9c Down-0.40c -0.14% 22/02/2018
Series 7 Active Funds
Fund name InfoPriceDaily changeUpdated
Cash Fund156.4c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
Global Equity Fund236.0c Down-0.70c -0.30% 22/02/2018
Global Equity Fund (Euro Hedge)171.1c Down-0.50c -0.29% 22/02/2018
North American Equity Fund280.5c Down-1.40c -0.50% 22/02/2018
Pacific Basin Equity Fund420.8c Up4.30c 1.03% 22/02/2018
Series 8 Active Funds
Fund name InfoPriceDaily changeUpdated
Cash FundFactsheet158.3c None0.00c 0.00% 22/02/2018
Eurozone Government Bond FundFactsheet320.1c Up0.20c 0.06% 22/02/2018
Global Equity FundFactsheet231.9c Down-0.70c -0.30% 22/02/2018
Managed FundFactsheet327.8c Down-0.50c -0.15% 22/02/2018

About the prices

The price shown is the price at which units in each of the funds are both bought and sold on . The prices on this page are guides only for the date shown and may be rounded. The prices used for a transaction will depend on the date and the time of your request. The exact price used in a transaction may vary from the price shown here. For more information on the actual unit prices that will be used when a transaction is carried out, please contact us.