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Private equity

The benefits of private equity investment

We’re finding that an increasing number of institutional, pension fund and high-net-worth individuals are turning to private equity investment in order to enhance their portfolio performance. The potential for higher earnings growth and return on capital is what attracts many investors to this rapidly developing asset class.

The experience to lead, the confidence to succeed

Standard Life has invested in private equity funds and co-investments since 1973. SL Capital Partners LLP works in partnership with Standard Life Investments to manage a strategy of investing a series of private equity fund-of-funds on behalf of third-party investors.

SL Capital is ranked as one of the largest and most influential European and North American private equity fund-of-funds managers, investing in primary and secondary fund investments and co-investment opportunities. It has raised approximately €10.8 billion* in private equity assets through 25 separate fund-of-funds.

With a combined experience of more than 250 years, our private equity team boasts a distinguished long term track record. One of the key strengths of our investment team is its extensive direct deal experience which not only allows the team to successfully follow a co-investment strategy but also gives it greater insight into the strategies, processes and disciplines of the funds in which we invest.

We offer private equity fund-of-funds investments through limited partnerships, bespoke arrangements and Standard Life Private Equity Trust (“SLPET”), an investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Through SLPET, retail clients may gain private equity exposure. Our clients represent leading institutional investors in the UK, US, Canada and Europe, to family offices and high net worth individuals globally.

*Assets raised and managed as at 28/02/2017
The exchange rate on this day was £1=€1.1711