Standard Life Investments

Company responsibilities

Putting your concerns into practice

Nowadays there’s an ever-increasing awareness of environmental problems, such as biodiversity loss and the need for waste reduction, and social issues such as responsible sourcing and human rights. Consumers are expressing more concern about the impact of companies’ behaviour on the social and global environment.

We’ve outlined the following policies in response to your concerns. In our view, companies should:

  • accept responsibility for the environmental impacts of their activities and endeavour to achieve best practice standards in the management and reduction of those impacts
  • inform shareholders of the policies and practices they have adopted to ensure that they meet their obligations to manage their environmental responsibilities
  • respect internationally recognised labour rights and provide safe and healthy working environments for their employees
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that the impact of their operations should be positive and not violate internationally recognised standards on human rights
  • demonstrate a commitment to best practice standards of business ethics
  • ensure their boards exercise effective oversight and direction in respect of corporate responsibility policies and practices.

We recognise that the management of environmental and social responsibilities is subject to many factors, and take into account the particular circumstances, industries and locations in which the companies operate.